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Today’s demands for a more connected cabin experience mean airlines and manufacturers need an interconnect solutions partner who anticipates your needs and consults closely with you to create a solution. That’s CarlisleIT. We offer everything you need to integrate the most advanced In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC) equipment into your aircraft.

Our products include seat cabling, fiber optic assemblies, equipment racks, large antenna structures, leaky line assemblies, cabin WiFi components, equipment enclosures and more. Even more important, our engineering and certification staff are here to customize solutions to your toughest IFEC challenges, and get them into the aircraft quickly and efficiently.

During the 1990s the demand for IFE evolved from audio systems in the armrest to video screens in the seatback. Carlisle has been there all along. Our core business of developing high speed aerospace rated wire and cable, has been a fundamental contributor to this progression. We produce tens of thousands of in-seat harnesses each month which equates to several thousands of miles of cable annually. As technology shifts in the IFE hardware, Carlisle is there as well with innovative designs for connectors, backshells and installation hardware enabling the reduction of weight and dimension while assuring high speed interconnection.

IFE is a rapidly evolving and demanding market. Carlisle understands this inherently and has built innovative business models around it. We are ready for whatever comes our way and meet the challenges with exceptional solutions and support.


CarlisleIT designs and manufactures fully integrated airborne equipment racks and shelves to support any equipment you want to get flying. Racks and shelves are fabricated from an optimized combination of aluminum alloys and engineered composites to provide high strength, low weight, efficient structures that will last as long as the aircraft and perform as well or better than original manufacturer equipment.


CarlisleIT headend system equipment offers our customers turnkey solutions from design to manufactured product. Whether you require structures built to existing specifications, or you need us to design something entirely new, CarlisleIT delivers end-to-end solutions—from statement of work to fully fabricated and integrated cabinets. Aluminum or composite, we focus on weight and optimization while assuring structural integrity and exceptional quality.

As the demand for wireless IFE & Connectivity systems grows, CarlisleIT continues to deliver industry-leading design, manufacture and certification that speed today’s–and tomorrow’s–complex wireless systems to market. With a deep knowledge of system architecture, we can provide full installation kits that include brackets, hardware and interconnecting cables, and are made for easy installation.


CarlisleIT has been a leader in ATG systems since 2007. We have supported thousands of installations over nearly all commercial aircraft in service today. Our comprehensive installation solutions include design, manufacture and certification, and are made for ease of installation, getting the aircraft back in service with minimal downtime.


CarlisleIT provides key components for today’s latest SATCOM systems both inside the LRU and on the aircraft.  Featured products include low PIM antenna cables, low loss connectors and cabling, and installation structures to offer turn-key solutions at the installation site.  Additionally, our staff DERs and specialist engineers provide customized design and certification support to get even the most sophisticated systems flying.


CarlisleIT, in a partnership with Saint Gobain Performance Plastics, now offers a complete ARINC 791 solution for Ka- and Ku-band SATCOM installations. The complete package contains everything required for either retrofit or forward fit installations on large jet aircraft.

Focused Expertise

Let’s get your IFE & Connectivity solution started right away. Off the shelf or fully customized, CarlisleIT connects you with what your business needs to succeed. Contact us today.

Wire & Cable

Wire & Cable

A wide selection engineered and installed to meet your unique challenges.

Cable Assemblies & Harnesses

Cable Assemblies & Harnesses

Vertically integrated to offer a complete solution to your design needs.

Connectors & Adapters

Connectors & Adapters

The highest-quality, most reliable connectors and adapters available.



A full range of contact types to engineer into your design.

Integrated Structures

Integrated Structures

Precision structures offering a wide-range of the highest-quality products with the best materials available.